J. Culter Law Helps Create Safer Futures for Families

Although difficult to consider, estate planning is really all about taking care of families should the most feared and difficult situations occur. With a properly drafted will, trust, power of attorney and health care directive, this is possible! And with help from J. Cutler Law, easier than you think. These local families attest to the peace of mind found in creating future plans for their families.

Zella Nelson

“It gives me peace of mind that if something happens to us that the kids will be ok.”

I was married for 36 years to my first husband, Scott, who was an anesthesiologist. In December 2015 he diagnosed himself with a glioblastoma. We went to Justin to update our will. It was so nice to have it done before my husband got really sick. Scott died in August of 2016. Our children from that marriage are in their twenties and early thirties and they know how the estate is set up, and it gives them peace of mind that they don’t have to make any hard decisions with medical end of life planning. Working with Justin was great—he is lovely. He is SO easy to work with—he’s very sensitive to sensitive matters, and very ethical. My second husband, Hal, has kids ages 15 to seven. When we married, we needed family planning for our new combined family. Justin gave us a free 30-minute consultation and it didn’t take any longer than that to take care of what we needed to talk about. He returned my calls, he emailed me back, and he had it finished in four days. When we met with Justin, I thought, “This is who I want to help me… this is my guy.”

Reed & Linda Ewell

“We were amazed at how easy it was and we felt relieved to have it all taken care of.”

We were motivated to get our estate in order after Reed’s father’s death in August. It had been on our minds for quite some time but we just never got around to it. Justin was recommended to us and we gave him a call. He met with us within the week and was very helpful and knowledgeable. Justin had a plan that was easy to understand and follow. His expertise was so helpful. We are not concerned about our future and Justin has assured us that if we need, or want, to make any changes in our family trust, that can easily be taken care of as well. When you ARE prepared for the worst, the fear goes away. Our fear was leaving a burden on our children and now we know that won’t happen because we have taken the necessary steps to make sure everything is taken care of and our plans and wishes are known. Justin is a good man. We have known the Cutler family for years and their integrity and honesty is above reproach. He was so helpful and accommodating to work with and his knowledge and work ethic is the best.

Brady & Liz Withers

“Really being prepared is what lessens the fears, and when you are prepared with help you know you have done all you can.”

Getting our estate in order had been on our to-do list for a while. But in recent years we have had friends pass that didn’t have their estate in order and it was a nightmare for them. When Liz’s grandpa passed this year there were some things that were very easy because of his trust. We’ve also recently gone on trips without our children and we always talk about what would happen if something happened to both of us. So we finally took the plunge to just get it done. It’s one of those things that you worry about it constantly, but now that it’s finished we don’t think about it at all. It was WAY easier than we thought it would be. At first we wondered if we could just do it on our own because there are a lot of free online options. But we have investment property and own some businesses so we didn’t feel as though it was really cut and dry. Plus we realized there were a lot of specific things that we wanted in our estate planning that we didn’t know the correct legal way to write up. Before we even decided to go with Justin at J. Cutler Law, he gave us a free in-person consultation where he answered so many of our questions that we didn’t feel like he was in it just for the money. He genuinely wanted to help and he answered and taught us in a way that we could understand, and that helped us make educated decisions on all aspects of our estate planning. We also decided to go with him for the simplicity of flat rate pricing. We have worked with lawyers that charge by the minute, and the price can really rack up! We loved Justin’s low-key, personal approach. It’s obvious they know their stuff and it’s nice to be able to deal with down-to-earth lawyers. We still can’t believe how easy the whole process was—if we had known it would be so easy we would have done it a lot sooner.

Rebecca Connelly

Doing this wasn’t hard, it was reassuring.”

I was motivated to seek help to get my estate in order because after 45 years of marriage, I learned my spouse had been cheating for the last 10 years. In the divorce I was given the house and property, but because of some health issues I wanted to be sure that my son would be able to get everything I had, without having other family members trying to sue for anything I would leave behind. Now that things are in order, the stress and anxiety have decreased. It wasn’t difficult to do, even though I was worried that it might be. My son researched an attorney that specialized in estate planning and found J. Cutler Law, and read nothing but positive comments. It was a painless experience and we left the office feeling that we had made the best choice. We were informed about things we hadn’t thought of. All questions were answered in a way we could understand. Everything was done in a timely manner, taking only seven days from beginning to end. And the cost was far less than expected. I was so pleased with everything. He also included an eight page on How To Set Everything Up. That was a surprise, but it tied everything up for us. I hope others will get this done.

Gary Wilson

“Justin is an attorney who will always be on my speed dial!”

My situation was very dire, as family relations became strained and complicated with my mother’s estate. I went through many attorneys, all with the desire to put me at the end of the line, and they would get to me when they would get to me. This would go on for almost three years. I saw a web site for Justin Cutler Law and sent him a brief e-mail out lining my situation, he responded back that day. I met with him at his office and just felt not an attorney and client relationship but a friend and friend relationship, so I hired him on the spot. Justin did more that first month than many of the past attorneys had done in a year. He was very aggressive and determined to win my case. At times I felt like I was his only client the way he was keeping me informed and working so hard for me, but I was not—later learning that many a late night he spent working on his presentation that would eventually “wow” the jury to side in my favor and win. He is an attorney who will always be on my speed dial!