This issue is full of people who create 
positive changes in our community: 

A local up-cycler

Three awesome trail ambassadors

The leaders and decision makers of our City Council

The people behind the changes and renovations at Alta View Hospital

The Draper Historical Commission

And an example of those who’ve been afforded safer more secure lives with the creation of estate plans  

As I read through these accounts, I’m inspired by the way creativity and doing comes in all forms, and that creation in a community often just means making things happen. In a traditional sense, I’m not very crafty (and neither is Peri in a very funny essay on page 34), but I am outdoorsy, and I appreciate the historic aspect of Draper while being solidly invested in its future too, and I love my family dearly: so I truly appreciate the members of our community who ensure our trails are safe and beautiful, and that our town retains its charm amid progress, and for the examples of smart citizens who care deeply for their families. Thoughtful locals like the ones featured on these pages are creating spaces for everyone in our community to thrive, whether literal or in thoughtful dialogue.

I hope these articles inspire you to create positive change too! And that they remind you that in your very own way, you too can make whatever is important to you happen.

Happy February, friends!

Brooke Benton, Editor