Bridging the Gap Between Draper Residents & Leaders

Congratulations!  You survived the last city election cycle, and turned in your ballot last November.  Kudo’s to you!  You’re done right?!  Um.  Not quite.  You’ve elected city leaders, which is great, but those city leaders can only represent you if you respectfully stay involved in the decision making process. 

Decisions about parks and recreation, historical preservation, land use, potential trail locations, and many more issues that directly affect our community are being made on a continual basis throughout the year. 

Our city government is setup to provide the maximum amount of public input.  Most decisions made in our city are made during the week to week management of Draper, and will not show up on a ballot in November.  How can residents learn of the decisions being made during the year and, more importantly, respectfully voice opinions on issues affecting our community?

Luckily, Draper has made staying informed easy by allowing residents to sign up for individual e-mail notifications on a number of topics pertaining to the city.  

To Sign Up for E-mail Notifications:

1. Go to the city website  Draper.Ut.Us  

2. Hover your mouse over the tab at the top that say’s “I Want To…”

3. Click on “E-mail notifications” underneath the “Register For” tab.

4. Add your e-mail address, then click on the box next to each notification you would like to receive.  

We hope that providing monthly information regarding the structure and running of our city will help empower you to become more connected and involved as we work together to create a truly great Draper.