Efforts to Memorialize Draper City’s Namesake

Do you know this man? This is William Draper Jr.

In the year 1850, William Draper, Jr., a Mormon pioneer, merchant and farmer, established his family in the farthest southeast quadrant of the Salt Lake Valley. In later years the citizens chose to name their settlement “Draper” after William who was their religious and civic leader.

As a group of descendants of William, we have petitioned the city of Draper and have been granted approval and authorization to place a Monument to William’s memory in the Draper Historic Park. Our goal is to present the completed monument to the City of Draper in late fall of 2018 or spring of 2019.

For further information of this project, we invite you to the WilliamDraperFund.com website where you’ll learn more and find options to help financially. We owe much to this hard-working pioneer whose name and life are worthy of remembering and memorializing.