It’s arguable that we didn’t get much of a winter, but the coming spring brings with it even more than sunshine and spots of green. 

Spring break, for one. And prom. And parties. And pageants. 

This issue strives to help you with all of that, from spring break destination ideas to prom and party suggestions to a deeper look into how the Miss Draper and Miss Draper Outstanding Teen Pageants work. 

This issue is also another thing: 

My last one as editor.

This is bittersweet to me.

I feel incredibly grateful for the chance I’ve had to be a public part of our close-knit community. I have met so many wonderful, kind and vibrant people and have listened to so many different stories and opinions, and it has been a pleasure to try to produce (from all of that) something meaningful and representative of Draper.

And it’s this kinship that I will miss. I mean, I’ve called you my friends from the start–and I’ve meant it. But my kids are growing up. And as their mom, their growing and changes become my growing and changes, which means I am parenting teenagers in earnest. Which means I’m in it up to my elbows. Which means I’m in the trenches. Which means, simply, that it’s just time for this little chapter to close and another one to open wide before me. 

Happy March, dear friends! And farewell… for now. 

Brooke Benton, Editor