Intermountain Alta View Hospital Renovation Reduces Environmental Footprint

Hospitals, in general, are intricate buildings to design and execute. Renovating a 36-year-old hospital while deliberately incorporating environmentally friendly aspects is a taller task. But that’s what the leaders of Intermountain Alta View Hospital set out to do with their tower and buildings at 9660 S. 1300 E. in Sandy.

Replacing overall hospital lighting with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lightbulbs has been a big endeavor this year, Kristofer Beldin, public relations manager for the hospital and clinic, says. The average efficacy of a light-emitting diode bulb is 78 lumens per watt, compared with 13 for an incandescent and approximately 18 for a halogen equivalent.

Energy-efficient lighting choices lower utility bills and lessen the burden on nonrenewable energy sources, which account for 89 percent of U.S. energy production. Kristofer says they’ve already cut the campus power bill by one-third.

“In everything we’re doing, we look for improvements and ways to be as eco-friendly as possible,” he says. “The goal is to produce a more sustainable medical campus and pass on those associated cost-savings to patients.”

Kristofer says some hospital neighbors have asked about brightness and why the hospital hasn’t converted when it has.

“Those new LED lights are set with dimmers for evenings. However, they have motion sensors that get tripped by the cleaning crew at night,” he says. “So, while it may seem the lights aren’t being turned off, they actually are. It’s just important to note that we operate 24/7 caring facilities.”

Renovations are expected to be completed by year’s end.

Additionally, Kristofer says hospital staffers deliberately are more conscious now of thinking before printing computer-related items, recycling as many aluminum cans as they can, and of turning off lights when leaving rooms.