Draper Women Create a Better Society through Kindness, Caring, Connections and Creativity

The Kindness Director

Megan McClannan Reardon, Musical Theatre Director, COPA Draper

Megan McClannan Reardon is still on cloud nine after taking her musical theater students to Carnegie Hall to learn from and perform with Broadway stars. Her students excelled, which doesn’t surprise her since their dedication impresses her.

But there is more to musical theater than practice and performances. Megan strives to promote kindness in her classes. In the theater industry, she says, there is too much harsh critique of others.

“If I can create a positive atmosphere and create humans who are kind, supportive and responsible, people will want to hire them, and they’ll want to work with each other,” she says.

The Teachers’ Advocate

Michelle Mulcahy, Academic Director, American Prep Academy Draper Campus

As a former teacher, Michelle Mulcahy appreciates that teachers invest a lot of themselves into their work and need support. Now, as director, her job is to provide that support through training, communication and by being that “calm presence.”

Michelle values the importance of education and finds being on the administrative side equally rewarding because she says by taking care of teachers, students, families and the entire community benefit. 

“We find amazing people who care about kids, and we help them to be amazing teachers,” she says. “It all revolves around a desire to do what’s best for kids.”

The Musician

Sarah Townsend Davies, Owner of The Piano Place

Sarah Davies remembers rising at 5:30 a.m. every Saturday for a 30-minute drive to music lessons. That was hard on both parent and child, and something she took to heart when she opened The Piano Place in two Draper locations. While convenience is key, Sarah also wants to nurture connections so students enjoy music. That means finding the right teacher for each student. Her studios feature 45 teachers for piano, guitar, voice, violin, songwriting and ukulele.

“When learning an instrument gets difficult, the connection and bond students have with their teacher will help motivate them to keep going,” she says.

The Artist

Shelley Godfrey, Co-owner, Draper Park School

“A sense of community comes from respecting our past and having a great vision for our future,” Shelley Godfrey, who with her husband, Gregg, restored Draper Park School into a space for artists and businesses, says.

Creative design is Shelley’s passion. The renovation supports her dream, and, “gives back to the community a place I would hate to see lost.”

The school is again a hub of activity, with dance and photo studios, a salon, a cooking/sewing school and more.

“The arts are important,” she says. “There is so much to be shared with the community through artistic expression.”

Utah’s Luxury Real Estate Legend

Linda Secrist, Realtor, Linda Secrist & Associates

When Linda Secrist came to Draper 26 years ago, she recalled it being a farm town. Having grown up in rural Fielding, Utah, she felt instantly at home. Since then, Linda has enjoyed watching Draper “grow up” with new schools, communities and businesses. She’s also watched her grandchildren, both Corner Canyon students, participate in sports and 4-H activities.

Linda Secrist and Associates, including her son, Brett Butler, a Draper resident, have sold more than 100 homes here, including some of the most beautiful luxury homes she’s seen.

“Draper has developed an amazing environment for families,” she says. “Draper has everything we could ever need.”