Katy Higgins is an Award Winning HVAC Salesperson

Katy Higgins got into the male-dominated field of HVAC by happenstance. Years ago, she was a single mom putting herself through medical coding courses, paying her bills by working at a heating and air company. But, when she graduated from her medical coding courses, she realized it was all numbers and no personal contact, so she began to rise through the ranks at her HVAC employer instead. Following four years of preparation to go out into the field, Katy became a “Comfort Consultant” in 2005.

Her job isn’t a glamorous one. It involves getting into people’s crawl spaces and attics to assess their heating and air conditioning needs properly in addition to analyzing how much insulation exists, the age of the home, the placement of windows and existing ductwork. Then she does a heat load calculation to determine what size of equipment is right for each home. 

Katy knows to call ahead before arriving at a client’s home for an estimate so as not to cause any big surprises. 

“Sometimes I hear people say ‘Honey, it’s a woman!’ so I call to prepare them and give them a few minutes to process it,” she says. “Once they get an opportunity to know me and to know I do know what I’m doing, it’s really easy from there.”

Katy has been the top salesperson at her company, Manwill Plumbing and Heating, for the last 13 years. She recently competed against thousands of other salespeople in the western region for the Lennox Top Comfort Consultant, beating sales representatives in big markets such as Los Angeles and Dallas for that award.

 “We’re not a big market, so it’s crazy that I won,” she says.

“I’ll keep crawling into crawl spaces as long as I can. I would never change a thing.”