Workout with A Purpose 4

Proceeds from gym support nonprofit’s foundation

Draper’s CrossFit O.U.R. is CrossFit with a purpose. Located across from Ikea, this gym’s membership fees support Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit that rescues human trafficking victims around the world with a special focus on children. The organization also helps with the capture and prosecution of offenders as well as recovery programs for victims. Tim Ballard, founder and CEO of O.U.R., spent 12 years as a U.S. Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security working on Internet crimes against children and serving on a jump team that infiltrated and dismantled dozens of trafficking organizations. He left his government job in 2013 to establish O.U.R. The organization has a slew of volunteers, including jump teams made up of former government agents and U.S. Special Operations Forces members, who perform O.U.R.’s covert operations.

Peggy, the manager at CrossFit O.U.R., says their clientele, coaching staff and daily workouts are all diverse.

“We have a mix of different backgrounds with coaches. One is a firefighter, I’m a mom, we have teachers, a nurse and an insurance agent. Everyone who coaches at our gym does it because they love the gym, the cause and being part of it,” she says.

The clientele runs the gamut from working professionals and college students to mothers and senior citizens.

“We can modify workouts so everyone can make it work for their lifestyle and physical needs,” Peggy says.

The CrossFit model involves a Workout of the Day that changes daily to keep its customers challenged. Workouts incorporate weightlifting, gymnastics, rowing, biking and sprinting. Classes are offered Monday-Saturday with a special class for beginners Saturday mornings.   

13648 S. 200 W., Draper, Utah, 801.930.0192,

“CrossFit O.U.R. exists to improve the lives of OUR members through fitness while rescuing children from sex trafficking. The cause gives it a deeper meaning.” – CrossFit O.U.R. website