The Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees is a magical way to kick-off the 2017 Christmas Season. It is held November 29 through December 2 at the South Towne Expo Center. The 47th annual Festival of Trees will either begin or continue a holiday tradition that guarantees to entertain you, meet your shopping needs, satisfy a sweet tooth, touch your heart, and offer a…

Letting In The Light

As I write this--months before anyone will ever read it--the world is in tumult. I listen to the radio on, all the news and all the opinions and none of it good, and the wind outside, riffling leaves off the trees like yellow birds taking flight, and the newly bare branches scrape my kitchen window. 

December 2017 Around Town

It's time once again for the Miss Draper, for ages 17-24, and Miss Draper Outstanding Teen, for ages 13-16, pageant. Here's everything you need to know.

The Sandy City Hale Centre Theatre Gold Gala

A Gold Gala to welcome Hale Centre Theatre to the Sandy community. The evening included Forever Plaid in the Jewel Box theater and a sneak peak tour of the theatre-in-the-round. Attendees included HCT's Mark and Sally Dietlein, Sterling Nielson of Mountain America, Scott Bond, Mayor Dolan and Chris McCandless.

To Go Home

Tiptoeing out of the extra bedroom where my boys were asleep, I quietly closed the door. As it clicked shut I heard the last chime of the grandfather clock. Eleven. I sighed and traced my hand along the wall then turned down the darkened hallway of my childhood home.

Lighting the Way

Shortly before Marion Norton’s 15-year-old son, Spencer, took his life, she recalled going into his room on two separate occasions to find his chair turned and his shutters opened. She asked Spencer if he had had difficulty sleeping. He told her he opened the shutters in the middle of the night because he needed to let the light in.

Make A Wish

We didn't know what to expect, even though it was the birth of our third baby. We were hoping to hear her cry when she was born, but were bracing ourselves in case she didn't.

Holiday Gift Guide

If you know someone who couldn't put down The Da Vinci Code, make sure you snatch this book to give to them on Christmas. This new release by Dan Brown will keep any reader glued to the page.

Holiday Gift Guide: White Elephant Edition

For the Cheesiest: Say Cheese Slicer2. For the Budding Paleontologist Basketball Player: Tricera-Tops3. For Dad-Bod Dad: Sandal Socks4. For Hangry Mom: Cookie Safe5. For the Fashionista: Dog Purse6. For the Dreamer: Inflatable Unicorn Horn7. For the One Who Needs an RX for a Chill Pill: Bochox8. For the Vegetarian: Carrot Body Pillow9. For the Eternal Teenage Boy: Pizza Bedding

A Massive Musical Undertaking

Sherri Jensen is convinced that mastering a musical instrument is key to establishing a person’s lifelong self-confidence and success. Jensen’s own passion for music led her to form the Draper Philharmonic & Choral Society (DPACS) and the Vezzoso School of Music. 

Holiday S.O.S.

We all know there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ holiday season, but too often that’s where we put our focus and energy. And why shouldn’t we? That’s the message that resonates in the commercials, TV shows, and movies that influence us from October through December. Below are three fairly simple tips to not only survive, but thrive, this month. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Wine Pairings

“Rich, full-bodied whites like Chardonnay, Viognier, Gewürztraminer and Rhône White Blends pair delightfully with many of the dishes found on the Thanksgiving table. For example, pumpkin soup or butternut squash with brown butter and sage is a delicious match for a richly textured Chardonnay. The warmer spices of autumn, like nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, are complementary to this style of…

Hungry & Full

The Utah Food Bank says that "417,000 Utahns, which equates to one in seven Utahns, are at risk of missing a meal today. Even more alarming is that one in five Utah kids are unsure where their next meal is coming from." In this month of eating, and an appropriately themed food issue, food--and the lack thereof--is on my mind.

Honey Bee Produce Company Grand Opening

Neighbors hungry and curious came out to see what the buzz is all about! In September, Honey Bee opened their doors in style, with 
entertainment by a produce ninja, beautiful displays and delicious offerings of some of their local products.

BroBand Concert to Benefit Tyler Robinson Foundation

Local brothers Kellen and Blake Hullinger (aka BroBand), hosted Rockin' Kids Concert to benefit Tyler Robinson Foundation that supports families with pediatric cancer. Several local sponsors were involved in the event, including Summit Academy schools, with students 
performing as singers, guitarist, and artists in BroBand's #KidsPlayItForward campaign.


Aqua-Yield, complete with over 100 patent properties, and co-founded in 2014, is changing agriculture with its nanotechnology fertilizer system. From grasses to nuts to citrus, yields are higher quality and harvest cycles are increased because of the process invented and developed by the Aqua-Yield founders and team. What began as tests on Utah’s own BioGrass Sod Farms, now has incredibly…

Chargers Make Lunches

Local Bantam A Chargers of the Ute Conference participated in a service project preparing and delivering sack lunches for kids at The Road Home. Head Coach Sean Hagen states, "These types of experiences can be valuable for their personal growth as well as team bonding."

November 2017 Around Town

Santa will be making his annual visit to the Sorensen Home Museum on Saturday, November 25 and Saturday, December 2 from 12-3 p.m. The Museum is located at 12595 South 900 East, just north of the Historic Park. Professional photography will be available for purchase, with options for a 5x7 photo or jpeg sent directly to your computer for $10,…

Good Eats in Park City

Last December the Riverhorse Hospitality Group, well known for their flagship restaurant Riverhorse on Main, opened their newest project called Riverhorse Provisions Market and Café. It’s a must visit this upcoming ski season, located in the old Imperial Hotel building at 221 Main Street in downtown Park City. The easily recognizable blue and stone building at the top of Main…

Hive Mind

Most Draper residents have noticed the presence of Honey Bee Produce Company, a new grocery store located at 1212 Draper Parkway. Honey Bee prides itself on being different from a typical grocery chain. About 70% of their products are natural, local, organic, specialty, or ethnic foods. Though the store carries traditional prepackaged products, they are far from the store’s focus.…

Inky Caps for Dinner, Anyone?

On a warm September afternoon, George Simmons is out and about, holding a steak knife in one hand and bracing a blue cane in the other. He eyes his neighbor’s lush lawn, not in admiration, but in pursuit of fungi. He’s on the hunt for inky caps. Right now, conditions aren’t ideal for finding this common Utah mushroom—or any for…

Eat This Now

As we transition from autumn to winter—and germs begin to multiply—you may wonder how to protect your body from unwanted illness. Healthy foods are one of the best ways we can protect ourselves from the inside out. “Super Food” lists can vary, but you will find these foods in the research time and time again.

Feeding the Soul

Shopping assistance is a service some specialty retail stores offer their clientele. It’s also a service offered to clients of the Jesus Feeds Food Pantry operating out of The Adventure Church in Draper. That’s what sets this extension of the Utah Food Bank apart from most, that effort to go the extra mile and make it a personalized experience. “The…

The idea of something small

When I think of October in Draper, I'm nostalgic. Do you remember when Haunted Hollow was at the Historical Park? Do you remember how lovely? How the whole thing felt right out of a Nora Ephron movie of darling costumed children and hilariously charming family dynamics and you ran into Tom Hanks walking into The Shop Around The Corner? Oh…

Building Homes, Dreams, and Communities with David Weekley Homes

David Weekley Homes builds homes in 22 cities throughout the country, including the Salt Lake Valley, and right here in Draper. Since 1976, David Weekley Homes has been passionate about providing its customers with exceptional homes built in communities where they all live and work. David Weekley Homes is the largest privately-held home builder in America, with the purpose of…

FCCLA Charging into Action

While we all excel at certain hobbies or fields of study, it is important to be well-rounded and find balance in life. Our communities benefit from balanced individuals, and a balance of individuals. The Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Club offers high-school students across the nation opportunities to gain an education in family values, and preparation for…

A League Of Their Own

Each spring Draper and Sandy residents will see kids at local parks donning official looking uniforms with the logos of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams embroidered on their jerseys or emblazoned on their baseball caps. That can only mean one thing: The Southeast Valley Baseball Association (SVBA) season has officially begun.

Modern Traditionalists

Blacksmith, bladesmith and author Jason Keller calls himself a “hillbilly turned mountain man.” He left his Appalachian farm 21 years ago to ski Utah’s slopes and eventually made Draper’s foothills his new home. Despite the change in locale, he draws much of his creativity from childhood experiences.

5 Back-to-School Health Tips for Moms

It’s time for our kids to head back to school, which can be harder for some kids than others—and hard for many parents. In order for everyone to adjust to the first month or two of school, it's a good idea to consider some ways to make the back-to-school transition smooth, and to set your kids (and you) up for…

Giving Back By Sharing Our Abundance

In the summer of 2014 I volunteered as an intern in Iasi, Romania, where I worked with institutionalized children in an orphanage as well as in a local hospital. This had a profound influence on my heart and world view. Since 2004, all international adoptions have been banned in Romania. While the European Union has encouraged foster care, the reality…

Awesome Athletes of Juan Diego

Students who go all out all season

This Local Forecast Is Brought To You By…Your Neighbors

The weather has been so weird lately. Heard that before? People are obsessed with weather these days. Not satisfied with the limits of general and often-inaccurate area forecasts, many of us want to know what is happening in our own backyard. Draper’s amateur meteorologists deliver the goods. Here are three locals who broadcast the data from their weather stations on…

Check, check, check.

In September 2016, Mimi Darley Dutton wrote an essay for Draper Lifestyle about back-to-school being the "most wonderful time of the year." And though I am more of a summer-time free spirit and don't love the structure of school as much as the next mom, I do agree that the back-to-school busy reminds me greatly of the original "most wonderful…

Cook Orthodontics Customer Appreciation Day

Cook Orthodontics hosted a Customer Appreciation Day at Cowabunga Bay in July. Cook Orthodontics takes care of their patients! 
Be part of that lucky group by checking them out at

Express Yourself

Fun back-to-school looks to copy—without getting in trouble!

Fashion Says

Your style is as unique and free as your spirit. You go through your day with the flow and your clothing and accessories match your easy-going attitude.

Draper City Mayor’s Youth Council

Since the dawn of time people have formed communities so they can interact and feel inclusive with others. Participating and being involved in a community can provide many benefits including inspiration and motivation, lessons learned, contacts, opportunities, and social aspects.

Aunt Dru’s Old Fashioned Banana Bread with a Twist

One of the smells that remind me of my home is my Aunt Dru's banana bread. I make this when I want to bring back memories of my childhood, and I am sure it will for you as well.

A Day at the Spa

I am in the throes of back to school chaos and have a migraine by the time my kids and I have crossed the last item off our back to school shopping list. It’s probably due to the brain energy required to figure out the complicated problem of how to split glue stick packs up in the fairest way for…

All The World’s a Stage

For most Draper students, going back to school means a return to homework, tests, and long days in the classroom. Some may be excited to see old friends and classmates, while others dread the end of relaxing summer days. But some students at Corner Canyon High School look forward to something entirely different: the opportunity to get back on stage…

Getting Schooled

It might be true that school-school is still out for the last few weeks of summer, but FUN school--The Finishing School, featured on our cover--is definitely in session. And I want to go.

J. Brooks Jewelers Opens Second Location

J. Brooks Jewelers opened up their second location at 1791 West Traverse Parkway in Lehi. The celebration included a trunk show and featured designs from Roberto Coin and Bell & Ross.

Grand Opening for Spavia Day Spa

Spavia offers a wellness program designed for guests who want to improve their physical health and peace of mind, and to relax, escape and thrive. Spavia Day Spa is now open at 10262 State Street Suite A in Sandy. Check it out at

An Ounce of Prevention

While working in the overcrowded 10-story Los Angeles Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Police Officer Rulon Green witnessed humanity at its worst. As part of the emergency response team, he’d be the first to arrive during a riot, wearing a gas mask and helping to triage the wounded. He called it akin to stepping into a war zone.

JOCO Gallery

JOCO Gallery is located at 1229 E Pioneer Road. Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM-2:30 PM, closed Sundays and Mondays. Nestled in a little red building next to Café Charleston on Pioneer Road sits our community’s first fine art gallery. Its name combines the first names of its husband and wife owners, John and Courtney Carroll. JOCO Gallery officially…

Ultimate Summer

Amanda Hagen, Corner Canyon High School, Senior, "Hi I'm Amanda and I enjoy swimming in the summer. I literally will go anywhere to swim; I love it!! It's always so fun to be able to spend time with my friends and get some exercise in as well!!"

For the Love of the Game

Baseball is Jon Clifford’s passion. In June, he hung up his Southeast Valley Baseball Association (SVBA) President’s cap after four years volunteering to lead the league. But he’s only retiring from the job of president, not getting away from the game completely, because that little white ball with red stitching and the game that goes with it are his favorite…

Stephanie’s Picks

1. Equipment: I’m totally biased, but I am in love with the pilates reformer. I have an athletic build and I felt like the workouts on the reformer were the only thing that actually reshaped my muscles. I love the long-lean look! I also feel that nothing works secondary and stabilizer muscles like this machine. Joseph has a famous quote…

Respecting Rattlesnakes

An 18 year old male, bit by a rattlesnake in Corner Canyon’s Movie Rocks area in June, was airlifted from the incident location to a nearby trailhead parking lot. He was in stable enough condition to be transported to Utah Valley Hospital by his mom. The teen, hiking on the upper portion of the Ghost Falls trail around 5 PM,…

The Finishing School

Extracurricular activities have been shown to provide students a multitude of benefits including a stronger mind, training in targeted skills, a wider social circle, time management skills, and exploration of interests. While it may seem difficult to squeeze any sort of extracurricular activity into the business of life these days, the benefits definitely pay off.