Why Santa Will Never Live Up To The Hype

Any time an expectation is attached to something that doesn’t come 
 naturally to me (birthday parties, elaborate recipes, hair braids), I get performance anxiety and I freeze. I worry about the possibility of failure before I even start and so when it comes to something like Christmas, the whole hullabaloo feels like a set up. For disappointment.

Making a house 
a home.

Afew months ago, my husband spoke to the business school 
 at his alma mater. As I listened to him detail the last 18 years of our life business-wise, I had a matching story for each, but family-wise: how many children we had, what exactly was going on emotionally, and mostly, where we were living. Each memory was encased in…

Celebrating abilities.

Jordan is 8 years old with a wisp of blonde hair spiked like a Kewpie doll and pale skin with a smattering of caramel-colored freckles across the bridge of his nose. He has limbs like cooked spaghetti—thin and jumbled from the nonstop energy that comes simply from being his age. He is a kid on the go! A kid with…

Of Bridges and Back-to-School

This time of year always feels far more full of resolve than the new year to me. I’m certain it’s because January is cold and September is full of back to school supplies.

Beauty and bounty.

My son picks lots of flowers for me. Roses with the stems so short I can barely balance them in narrow-mouthed vases, bunches of yarrow with the roots still attached, handfuls of snowballs that drape lazily over the sides of cups, and the single peony if I’m lucky. (She’s so gorgeous, and such a show-off.)

The magic of summer.

July is when summer has truly come into its own, and back-to-school seems blissfully far off and the only thing we’re really holding ourselves accountable for is making sure we’re having fun.

Hello, summer!

Summer stretches before me like an open book or a blank piece of canvas, and it feels dreamy when I look at it like that, and I wonder why I love this time of year so much—why it’s so highly anticipated. It can’t simply be the uniform of flip-flops and dresses, or the promise of watermelon and garden tomatoes, or the…


On a shelf in our house is an old canister that purports itself to be full of jellybeans, a glossy label promising treats. But it’s a big ol’ trick to the unsuspecting. One twist of the lid and there it is: an explosion of wild crepe covered springs. My four year old finds this prank hilarious always, and has been…