Common Courtesy in Corner Canyon

As Corner Canyon grows, both in popularity and trail mileage, it attracts more hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, and equestrians who, for the most part, share the trails in a harmonious fashion. But, sometimes not.

Continuous Care At Alta View Hospital

On the heels of the new Intermountain Alta View Clinic opening in December, the current renovation of Alta View Hospital will create a one stop shop for the community’s health care needs when it’s complete near the end of 2018.

Five popular diet plans reviewed: The good, the bad, and the ugly

It’s the new year, and advertisements and buzz for diet plans abound. But too often the focus is on quick results and not a longer-term approach to healthier living. From miracle diets to fat burning pills, we’re bombarded with lots of ways to lose weight.

Upcycling artist makes beautiful creations with purpose

 Renee’ Borns is driven to create.  “My dad has always said that my mom and I have to keep our hands busy,” Borns says. This seemingly inherent quality runs throughout the family tree. Her two grandmothers (now deceased) and her aunt also had/have a compulsion to express themselves tactilely. Not one of them could sit still without working on a…

Modern Home Gadgets

“There’s no place like home,” and, there’s really no place like home when it comes to 2017 technology. With the modernization of technology and automation of homes, who wants to leave? We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest modern “home” gadgets you won’t know what you ever did without.

New Year, New Ways to Exercise

When Shayla Streiff moved from Las Vegas to Utah three and half years ago, she had to live in Draper.  Nowhere else would do.

Pilates Revolution Success Stories

Throughout Draper and across the country, Pilates has become an increasingly popular form of exercise. While some claim that Pilates has helped them recover from injuries, others use it for general physical fitness to improve balance, posture, and stamina. The studio Pilates Revolution has been providing a wide variety of fitness classes to Draper residents. Here, three people share their…

Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is. 

Lighting the Way

Shortly before Marion Norton’s 15-year-old son, Spencer, took his life, she recalled going into his room on two separate occasions to find his chair turned and his shutters opened. She asked Spencer if he had had difficulty sleeping. He told her he opened the shutters in the middle of the night because he needed to let the light in.

Make A Wish

We didn't know what to expect, even though it was the birth of our third baby. We were hoping to hear her cry when she was born, but were bracing ourselves in case she didn't.

Holiday Gift Guide

If you know someone who couldn't put down The Da Vinci Code, make sure you snatch this book to give to them on Christmas. This new release by Dan Brown will keep any reader glued to the page.

Hive Mind

Most Draper residents have noticed the presence of Honey Bee Produce Company, a new grocery store located at 1212 Draper Parkway. Honey Bee prides itself on being different from a typical grocery chain. About 70% of their products are natural, local, organic, specialty, or ethnic foods. Though the store carries traditional prepackaged products, they are far from the store’s focus.…

Inky Caps for Dinner, Anyone?

On a warm September afternoon, George Simmons is out and about, holding a steak knife in one hand and bracing a blue cane in the other. He eyes his neighbor’s lush lawn, not in admiration, but in pursuit of fungi. He’s on the hunt for inky caps. Right now, conditions aren’t ideal for finding this common Utah mushroom—or any for…

Feeding the Soul

Shopping assistance is a service some specialty retail stores offer their clientele. It’s also a service offered to clients of the Jesus Feeds Food Pantry operating out of The Adventure Church in Draper. That’s what sets this extension of the Utah Food Bank apart from most, that effort to go the extra mile and make it a personalized experience. “The…

A League Of Their Own

Each spring Draper and Sandy residents will see kids at local parks donning official looking uniforms with the logos of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams embroidered on their jerseys or emblazoned on their baseball caps. That can only mean one thing: The Southeast Valley Baseball Association (SVBA) season has officially begun.

Modern Traditionalists

Blacksmith, bladesmith and author Jason Keller calls himself a “hillbilly turned mountain man.” He left his Appalachian farm 21 years ago to ski Utah’s slopes and eventually made Draper’s foothills his new home. Despite the change in locale, he draws much of his creativity from childhood experiences.

Awesome Athletes of Juan Diego

Students who go all out all season

Express Yourself

Fun back-to-school looks to copy—without getting in trouble!

Fashion Says

Your style is as unique and free as your spirit. You go through your day with the flow and your clothing and accessories match your easy-going attitude.

All The World’s a Stage

For most Draper students, going back to school means a return to homework, tests, and long days in the classroom. Some may be excited to see old friends and classmates, while others dread the end of relaxing summer days. But some students at Corner Canyon High School look forward to something entirely different: the opportunity to get back on stage…

Ultimate Summer

Amanda Hagen, Corner Canyon High School, Senior, "Hi I'm Amanda and I enjoy swimming in the summer. I literally will go anywhere to swim; I love it!! It's always so fun to be able to spend time with my friends and get some exercise in as well!!"

Respecting Rattlesnakes

An 18 year old male, bit by a rattlesnake in Corner Canyon’s Movie Rocks area in June, was airlifted from the incident location to a nearby trailhead parking lot. He was in stable enough condition to be transported to Utah Valley Hospital by his mom. The teen, hiking on the upper portion of the Ghost Falls trail around 5 PM,…

The Finishing School

Extracurricular activities have been shown to provide students a multitude of benefits including a stronger mind, training in targeted skills, a wider social circle, time management skills, and exploration of interests. While it may seem difficult to squeeze any sort of extracurricular activity into the business of life these days, the benefits definitely pay off.

Just Keep Swimming!

Kelsie Bowler is 23 years old and has been teaching swim lessons for eight years. She swam competitively starting in the 4th grade and continued through all of high school. She attended Brigham Young University where she took courses such as Teaching Competitive Swimming where she was able to increase her knowledge as an instructor while working towards her bachelors…

The Suburban Falcon

One of the main purposes for banding Kestrels with a colorful band is to allow birdwatchers to “re-sight” them and report to HawkWatch where and when Kestrels were sighted. This information provides valuable data about survival and movement.

DL Transformation Challenge

From Mark Thackeray, Publisher of Draper Lifestyle Magazine, everyone involved on the magazine side, and the other contestants, to the gyms and trainers, Carr says the whole transformation challenge experience was great! She believes the challenge helped showcase all the facilities involved regarding varieties of weight loss and fitness possibilities.

Ride On

It was love at first sit for David Anderson when he test-rode a Harley-Davidson. “I’ve never looked back and have never bought anything other than a Harley after that first ride,” says Anderson, who wears a Harley-Davidson “Tail of the Dragon” T-shirt from his ride through the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The way a Harley corners and the bike’s ergonomics…

Order On the Court

The duo that makes up the Corner Canyon High School (CCHS) Tennis coaching staff provide life lessons on character and discipline with a little bit of tennis coaching mixed in. Head Coach of the boys’ and girls’ CCHS teams, Mykel Seeborg, was raised in Maryland and started heading to the tennis courts with his father when he was seven years…

Pleased to Meat You

Introduce yourself to these favorite burgers from around town

Deep Draper Roots

Visit Summerhays website at or call them at 801-571-8713 to request a free quote and chat about your vision for your yard. Ryan Summerhays grew up in Draper and remembers when the town was primarily made up of farms and horse property. He has watched the evolution of Draper from wide-open spaces to the growing city that it is…

Something Different for Mom this Mother’s Day

This year gather local ingredients and cook for mom!

Permission to Dream

Calendar a few minutes to check out some of the organizations and opportunities highlighted by The Refugee Connection at at Follow their Facebook page and download the Serve Refugees App to view the most current needs.

Draper Lifestyle’s Transformation Challenge

Angie Carr is a 35-year-old sonographer originally from Evanston, Wyoming. She has three amazing kids and one great husband. Her family loves the outdoors and enjoys living in Utah because of all the easy access to a variety of outdoor adventures. Their favorite family activities include camping, hiking, biking, and snowboarding.

A Safe Crossing

Every day, and especially every holiday, Sandy Smith misses her nine grandchildren. Luckily, she has a few hundred kids at Channing Hall who make great substitutes. “They’re all my grandkids,” says the crossing guard of 6½ years. Chatting with her young charges makes her day, and she loves the thank-you’s she receives as she safely escorts them across the street.

Urban Farm & Feed

There aren’t many things that taste better than a vine-ripe tomato just picked, or the crunch of a carrot pulled from the ground, or the crispness of that first bite into an apple that just fell from the tree. Unfortunately, when you live in the city, finding this kind of freshness isn’t always the easiest. Urban Farm & Feed to…

Home Sweet Historical Home

Call it solid construction or call it a teenager’s worst nightmare, but the nine-inch-thick walls of this grand home block Wi-Fi signals. “My kids would tell you that is a major deterrent (to living in a historical home),” says Laura Clark, who along with her husband Carl and two teenage sons, live in the Fort Street home. But, as a…

Read-aloud books for bedtime battles

Reading out loud to youngsters at bedtime will build memories for a lifetime. Furthermore, selecting great books that will entice children, along with settling them down, will help them look forward to bed. This should help eliminate the struggles of getting them to go to bed. For older kids, reading great chapter book page-turners should do the trick (although they…

Before and After Curb Appeal

Marty and Jennifer Harris are Utah natives who have lived in Draper for 21 years. They have been renovating homes full time for the past 12 years. They have been married for 27 years and have three children. Jennifer is the designer for all projects noted in the article and Marty did all of the renovation work, with the exception…

Home Grown Parting Thoughts

As I sit down to write on the theme “Home Grown”, the ground outside is covered in snow and temperatures are hitting record-breaking lows. This is not the kind of weather a farmer wishes for, but no matter the weather outside, something that can always be cultivated is kindness.

 To Every Thing There Is A Season

The story of Rasmussen Farms began in 1976 when newly-married Jeff Rasmussen and his bride, Mary Bradford Rasmussen, began their life together in Draper. Jeff, the son of Welden (Sonne) Rasmussen and Ramona Leak Rasmussen had lived in Draper most of his life. Jeff’s parents lived at 12244 South 900 East in Draper next to the home owned by Sonne’s…

Innovative Thinkers

Make No Small Plans. That’s the quote on Aaron Neuenschwander’s Instagram page and the one that inspires him as an entrepreneur. “There is no real excuse for us not to use all that we’ve been given and become our best selves,” says the 32-year-old COO of Arvo Watches and co-founder of Collabor8, a mobile app that connects brands with social…

The Appeal of the Fat Bike

This winter consider leaving your skis or board in the garage and head to the mountains for a ride on a fat bike instead. In the last ten years, fat biking has grown in popularity as the bike industry’s fastest growing trend. Fat biking is a year around activity as the beefed up width of the tires allow for better…

The Path to Wellness

Wellness is not only a state of good health, it is a state of wellbeing. We can find a little acceptance for the things we cannot change and make small steps towards the things we can change. By changing our diets, exercising more, and adding a little more time to our workout routine, we can make changes in how we…

Warm Up This Winter

Chloe, Nicole and Lauren are a Charger, a Beetdigger and a Hawk, respectively. They show us how (and where!) they escape the cold with good friends and yummy drinks.

Local Gift Guide

New to the neighborhood, Piper & Scoot offers women's contemporary clothes that sing to your inner style and confidence. The girl on you list, whatever her age, wants this in her stocking. 892 E 12300 South

Lifetime Fan of the Ho Ho Man

There’s always room for Santa Claus at Caralee Skinner’s home. He’ll just have to squeeze in with 500 others. Space is at a premium in Skinner’s Santa room, filled floor to ceiling with Santas of all shapes and sizes. With the eye of a museum curator, Skinner displays her Santas with great care so that each gets a bit of…

A Party for a Cause

There is a refugee crisis in the world today. It is almost overwhelming, but as a citizen in our small community of Draper, it can feel like a daunting task to be able to help in tangible way. In the past year, the LDS church has specifically asked its members to find ways of helping. Linda Burton implored members to,…

Building Upon a Vision

The proverbial phrase, “It takes a village,” supports the idea of a community meeting all of a child’s needs. For both children and adults, this idealistic type of kinship can be experienced at Gardner Village. The property was initially settled by the reputably industrious, Archibald Gardner. Gardner emigrated from Scotland as one of the original Mormon pioneers with the first…

Deserving Of A Salute

Charles Keller has a gift for giving. While out and about in Draper—which is often—the 95-year-old resident carries a pocket full of boondoggles. To everyone he meets, he offers a hand-woven boondoggle—the nickname for a zipper-pull used on jackets or key chains.

Corner Canyon High Presents West Side Story

West Side Story, a musical take on one of the greatest love stories of all time, will be featured at Corner Canyon High School in Draper on November 17, 18, 19 and 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the CCHS Auditorium. This timeless classic tells the story of a modern day Romeo and Juliet who are involved in rival New York…