Like a Boss

Utah Business Week will be held from July 30–August 5. 
For more information, visit This month, students across the state of Utah will have a unique opportunity to further their education and experience in the business field. Utah Business Week, hosted at Utah State University in Logan, is a weeklong program that gives high school students real life business…

Avoiding Investment Mistakes

At times it is hard not to think “Is my money working for me?” or, “Am I prepared for retirement?” While most of us may not think about investing on a daily basis, for those that do or should, avoiding investment mistakes can be realized through disciplined financial management. Draper resident Rinar Erickson, CAP®, CFP® is a private wealth manager…

Top Four Steps to Secure Your Financial Future

In our 25 years of helping clients simplify their financial lives and reach their goals, we have found a few common steps that clients take that make them successful. While everyone’s situation is unique, the vast majority of people could benefit from taking these steps.