Welcome Home to Draper

It was five years ago this month that my wife Jennifer and I arrived with our children to live here in Utah. She and I had each spent some time along the Wasatch Front, but our careers — hers as schoolteacher and educator, mine as a journalist and lawyer — made each of us think … Continued

Dog Days

Ahhhh, summer. Time for backyard pool parties and family vacations. Time for kids to run after the ice cream truck when the telltale sound of its music turns onto your street to secure the perfect sweet treat to beat the heat. For the loud explosion of fireworks on the Fourth of July, the shriveled fingertips … Continued

Dear Gents

We told you your time would come, didn’t we, guys? Since the May issue was all about the ladies, we thought it was only fair the June issue of Draper Lifestyle be dedicated to the gents of our community.   While we will celebrate the dads in our lives on Father’s Day, June 17, you … Continued

To Strong Women.

Though May is traditionally a time to celebrate mothers, at Draper Lifestyle, we want to take this chance to recognize all of the strong ladies in our community. From activists, entrepreneurs and CEOs to artists, teachers and, yes, mothers, these women are changing our community’s landscape and influencing its future. In this month’s feature article, … Continued

Eco Chic

Spring has finally sprung! As the last dredges of winter make their way out, and we can finally begin to stop and smell the roses, it’s also a good time to remind ourselves to take the time to appreciate our beautiful planet.

Spring is in the air–and with it? Change.

It's arguable that we didn't get much of a winter, but the coming spring brings with it even more than sunshine and spots of green. 

Making it Happen

This issue is full of people who create 
positive changes in our community: 

Taking Care

I've always thought that New Year's resolutions are such a connundrum deep in a snowy winter. Cold January makes me want to hibernate and bury deeper under cover of fuzzy blanket and forced heat and not emerge until April... But the iconic thing persists despite my sleepiness and I find myself among the throngs of those who hit the gym harder, make the…

Letting In The Light

As I write this--months before anyone will ever read it--the world is in tumult. I listen to the radio on, all the news and all the opinions and none of it good, and the wind outside, riffling leaves off the trees like yellow birds taking flight, and the newly bare branches scrape my kitchen window. 

Hungry & Full

The Utah Food Bank says that "417,000 Utahns, which equates to one in seven Utahns, are at risk of missing a meal today. Even more alarming is that one in five Utah kids are unsure where their next meal is coming from." In this month of eating, and an appropriately themed food issue, food--and the lack thereof--is on my mind.

The idea of something small

When I think of October in Draper, I'm nostalgic. Do you remember when Haunted Hollow was at the Historical Park? Do you remember how lovely? How the whole thing felt right out of a Nora Ephron movie of darling costumed children and hilariously charming family dynamics and you ran into Tom Hanks walking into The Shop Around The Corner? Oh…

Check, check, check.

In September 2016, Mimi Darley Dutton wrote an essay for Draper Lifestyle about back-to-school being the "most wonderful time of the year." And though I am more of a summer-time free spirit and don't love the structure of school as much as the next mom, I do agree that the back-to-school busy reminds me greatly of the original "most wonderful…

Getting Schooled

It might be true that school-school is still out for the last few weeks of summer, but FUN school--The Finishing School, featured on our cover--is definitely in session. And I want to go.

An Ode to Draper Days

I find that no matter how much my little family travels during the summer, we really like to be home and try to be home for Draper Days. Riding Razor scooters to the parade route, walking over to the park and melting in that afternoon sun while the kids bounce and roll and tumble, finding a food truck to have…

Some random thoughts 
about this issue:

I’m hungry. Because I can’t get over the burgers in this issue. Yum. I have made it a personal summer goal to try each and every one. Are you with me?

Like A Girl

Fighting like a girl. Running like a girl. Throwing like a girl. I think in this day and age, we can all laugh in the face of those once-slurred notions suggesting something negative. Having two glorious and strong daughters of my own, I appreciate when things are done “like a girl.” And that includes dreaming. In “Permission to Dream,” local…

Farm-to-Table, Year to Year

If I can claim any capacity for gardening—and I’m not sure that I truthfully can—know that my thumb is such the lightest tinge of green that it’s practically yellow. But I test it every spring with the hope of an abundant harvest. Or a meager harvest. Or just a little sumthin-sumthin to eat.

Making Home Sweet

We are a house of forts, with an apparent abundance of building materials found in anything not nailed down. The cushions never stay on the chairs, the throw pillows never stay in the nooks of the couches, and the blankets are always draped over something or other. And all of it fashioned into a space created by my six-year-old—a space…

The Law of The Harvest: 
You Reap What You Sow

It is just before Christmas when I visit the Rasmussens at their home. Mary's glasses sparkle with the reflection of Christmas tree lights and her husband, Jeff, is stretched out on the couch, relaxed and candid as he details their memories of the past 40 years. They are delightful and warm, and I feel a surge of gratitude at the…

January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Publishing lead times mean that as I write this, the leaves are almost finished falling but the sun is still shining and the sky is a brilliant cloudless blue. It is, quite frankly, just gorgeous. I know this sky exists in January, but sometimes it’s hard to see.

December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

Sometimes, inadvertently, I pride myself on being busy. To wit, I hate being busy, but all the same I seem to cultivate the lifestyle of busy-ness for myself, and then talk about it ad infinitum: how I have no time. Time just is, right? Still I seem to make it something in my mind, giving it clearance to rule my…

Music to My Ears

Have you heard this one? Kids! I don't know what's wrong with these kids today! Kids! Who can understand anything they say? Kids!

Food Issue[s]

September brings with it Draper Lifestyle's Food Issue, adorned and decorated with lovely--and drool worthy--food photography and ample adjectives about deliciousness. Incidentally, piecing this issue together had me hungry every step of the way.

Homegrown Passion

A guy who designs skateboards by the gut, a realtor who flies his clients around, people who deliver our children then champion them into their future. (Different people.) Educators, investors, beekeepers, local food purveyors, artisans.

The Art of Staying Close to Home

I am constantly beguiled by Trip Advisor. Hipmunk tempts too, and alerts set to destinations all over the world fill my inbox on a weekly basis and get me sidetracked and dreamy about vacations—dreamy about a simple “somewhere else.”

Cruising into 

In her feature piece on classic cars, Linnea Lundgren writes this to describe one local’s truth: 
“Life has always appeared to pivot around automobiles in significant ways.”

Draper is my Muse

May marks Draper Lifestyle magazine’s first birthday. Which means we’ve been around for a year. 
A WHOLE YEAR. And what a year!

Things aren’t 
what they seem. 
And, a basket.

Mark Thackeray captures the bold "before" of the old Park School, and future home of The Dream Factory. Years ago, during the “chicken boom” (can we call it that?), when everyone was getting chickens and adorable coops were all over Pinterest, I wanted chickens too—and could think of nothing more lovely that heading out each morning in soft light and…

A Matter of the Art

Someone recently told me that, in their opinion, the true mission of a teacher is to inspire people to see things in a new way and to think. If this is the case (and I believe it is) then artists, creators and performers may be some of our greatest teachers, and art—no matter its medium—some of our greatest lessons made…

The Dog Days

We got Emily when I was in the fifth grade. My tears over something or other at home meant my parents dragged me along on a pre-Christmas errand to a breeder. It was supposed to be a surprise for us kids, but instead, I got to choose our puppy.

If you live here, you tend to love it here.

This is made plain in how the city expands, and roads widen and new neighborhoods spring up overnight. Even the original Draperites who were born here seem to stay their whole lives, parceling the land they grew up on to make room for new neighbors. Yep, Draper is the place people want to be.