An Ultimate Alaskan Hunting Trip

On the day after Christmas 2014, the Adams family gathered around the telephone anxiously anticipating the dreaded call from the doctor. The atmosphere was understandably tense. Bruce and Lynette Adams and their six children were waiting to hear the news. Did their youngest child Jake have cancer? When the call finally came, it was not good: stage three Hodgkins Lymphoma.…

Up, Up and Away!

As most students can attest, high school is both the best and the worst of times—often simultaneously. And while the elected student body officers are in charge of many important fundraisers, assemblies, dances and more, it’s the small services that really have an impact.

Run Like a Girl

Local girls in third to eighth grade are gathering after school clad in bright green t-shirts to learn healthy lessons for life, including that of setting and reaching a goal. Meanwhile, they’re gaining confidence with each stride as they run together, all in preparation for completing a 5K at Sugar House Park on May 30.