Urban Farm & Feed

There aren’t many things that taste better than a vine-ripe tomato just picked, or the crunch of a carrot pulled from the ground, or the crispness of that first bite into an apple that just fell from the tree. Unfortunately, when you live in the city, finding this kind of freshness isn’t always the easiest. Urban Farm & Feed to…

“Tree-t” with Care

Fall is the best time to plant trees. For information on what trees work well in Draper, including South Mountain, see the Tree Guide at Draper.ut.us Take a tree-spotting ride with Margaret Bird, a member of the Draper Tree Commission, and she’ll point out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

A Bridge for Bear Canyon

Suspension bridges have long been part of the world’s mountainous regions and now Draper’s ridges can join that rank. Look eastward on Pioneer Road, continue upwards to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, and there you’ll see the 185-foot-long bridge over Bear Canyon.

The Best Parks Around

When it comes to Draper’s parks, most residents are familiar with the city’s crowning jewel, Draper Park or the wild Corner Canyon Regional Park. But Draper has 35 parks, many of which are often overlooked. This summer, take a picnic, your bike and friends and check out some of these “best” parks in town.

Dad’s Day in Draper

At the end of the aptly named Riparian Drive is a hidden Draper gem. It’s the Mehraban Wetlands Park where red-winged blackbirds sing, the breeze rattles the cattails, and the rainbow trout bite... if you are lucky.