Beauty and bounty.

My son picks lots of flowers for me. Roses with the stems so short I can barely balance them in narrow-mouthed vases, bunches of yarrow with the roots still attached, handfuls of snowballs that drape lazily over the sides of cups, and the single peony if I’m lucky. (She’s so gorgeous, and such a show-off.)

Miss Draper and Miss Draper’s Outstanding Teen Pageant

Nine of Draper’s most talented, intelligent and motivated young women competed in the pageant in June at Corner Canyon High School. The evening was filled with gorgeous gowns and entertaining talents including singing, dancing and tae kwon do.

Zane Beadles Parade Foundation

Treehouse Athletic Club welcomed Hillcrest High and University of Utah alum Zane Beadles back to Utah in support of The Zane Beadles Parade Foundation Golf Classic held in July.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Daddies, daughters and the Day Barn were all dressed up for the Draper Daddy Daughter Dance. Participants danced and enjoyed a dessert buffet.

August 2015 Around Town

For high school students looking for help with PSAT, ACT or SAT, Draper Recreation has partnered with Kaplan College Prep to offer a course designed to increase scores. All materials, proctors, practice tests, detailed score reports and student breakdown performance included. For students in ninth to twelfth grade, on August 1, from 9 a.m. to noon, in the Draper City…

A Vegetable Venture

Heirloom tomatoes, particularly the “pineapple” variety, inspire poetic praise from Draper farmer David Bell. “When you slice the tomato in half it looks like you are holding the sunrise in one hand and the sunset in the other,” he says of the large, red and yellow-streaked favorite. And the taste, well, is as sweet as summer.

The Jackson Family’s Orchard

“You are out of your mind!" or "This is really cool!" are the two expressions I usually get from people who come to see our garden and orchard located just south of Pioneer Road and 1700 East. My wife, Sommer, loves gardening. A number of years ago for Christmas I gave her gardening classes at Thanksgiving Point from Larry Sagers.…

As Summer Ends, Fall in Love with Fresh Garden Produce

The summer harvest in my garden has to be the highlight of the year. There’s nothing sweeter than garden fresh produce! The flavor is unbeatable. I know you all have a garden exploding with way more zucchini and tomatoes that you could possibly consume, right? That seems to be the case every time I plant a garden. I’m hoping to…

Even Stevens Sandwiches Remembers the Widowmaker

If you were riding motorcycles in the 1970s, odds were you were one of millions swept up in the cinematic wave of Bruce Brown’s film, On Any Sunday. The instant cult classic hurtled into theatres the restless summer of 1971. It was a real motorcycle film, unlike any seen before. And in it’s 40-year history, it has both inspired new…

Sun Safety for Summer—and Beyond

You’re soaking up the last drops of summer while writing your back-to-school shopping list. In a matter of weeks, you’ll store away the swimsuits and bring out the backpacks. But don’t put away your sunscreen just yet.

Design, Style, Excellence

When you think Audi, you think design. You think style. You think a pedigree of excellence. What you probably don’t think is outdated facilities. So when the time came for Ken Garff Audi to open up a new location on Digital Drive in Lehi (right by the Adobe building—you may have seen the ad headline, “Our new neighbors are nerds."),…

The Draper Drips

What, you may ask, is a Draper Drip? Take five Draper girls who met in kindergarten (held for six weeks in the summer) in 1944, watch them join together to pick strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, have fun-filled slumber parties, host Halloween parties for dozens in the Hoffman’s red barn, and speed around town in Ray Hoffman’s old truck--which they had decorated…

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I am an Oregon native and a transplant to Utah. My family and I moved here after nearly seven years in Boise, Idaho, and a humid summer spent living in Manassas, Virginia before officially arriving in Draper one hot August day nine years ago.