Of Bridges and Back-to-School

This time of year always feels far more full of resolve than the new year to me. I’m certain it’s because January is cold and September is full of back to school supplies.

Draper Days

Families, friends, residents and neighbors came out in droves to celebrate Draper Days. The two days were full of fun and included an amazing array of activities, entertainment and vendors.

September 2015 Around Town

Lone Peak Surgery Center has recently opened, complementing the services already provided by Draper’s Lone Peak Hospital and offering a variety of outpatient procedures. Specialized procedures include ENT, sports surgeries, laparoscopic gastric sleeves, lap bands, minimally invasive spine surgery, gynecological procedures and urology.

The Zebra Lady

On July 29, 2015, Jeannie suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage and subsequent stroke during routine surgery. Jeannie has extensive brain trauma due to this bleed and will require many months of care and rehabilitation.

Newton’s Book News

School is back in session and with it comes learning how to deal with new schedules, teachers and other classmates. Here is a list of wonderful new picture books that will help youngsters, ages 5 through 8, have a successful school year.

Draper’s Stellar Art Collection

A disheveled, scrawny, 18th century school teacher always keeps a watchful eye on the media center at Draper Elementary School. Housed behind a glass case, Ichabod Crane peers warily over his shoulder at the viewers behind him, ready to pounce on any unruly, recalcitrant children. Ichabod Crane was painted by one of America’s most beloved artists, Norman Rockwell, and has…

Corner Canyon Seniors Inspire Change

Summer ending, September beginning. With the passing of lazy days by the pool, family trips, sleeping in and fireworks, comes the transition to autumn and with it, the dominant partner of the fall season, a term that has grown to encompass so many thoughts, feelings, and actions this time of year. . . Back to School!

A Bridge for Bear Canyon

Suspension bridges have long been part of the world’s mountainous regions and now Draper’s ridges can join that rank. Look eastward on Pioneer Road, continue upwards to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, and there you’ll see the 185-foot-long bridge over Bear Canyon.

Common Scents

It was the last speech of the commencement exercises, the obligatory talk given by an unknown member of the school board. The graduates were fidgety waiting for their diplomas and freedom. The audience was watching the clock for the event to be over and celebration dinners to begin. It was the talk where the majority of those in attendance were…

CoolSculpting Heats Up the Weightloss Scene

Shelly Riley has always exercised, but she hasn’t always been at her ideal weight. And about a decade ago, she gained 15-20 unwanted pounds. “No matter what I was doing, I could not get rid of it,” Riley says. “I was never fat, but I was putting on weight around my midsection—that stuff that starts building up on your stomach…