A Matter of the Art

Someone recently told me that, in their opinion, the true mission of a teacher is to inspire people to see things in a new way and to think. If this is the case (and I believe it is) then artists, creators and performers may be some of our greatest teachers, and art—no matter its medium—some of our greatest lessons made…

Vive Juicery Grand Opening

Vive Juicery celebrated their recent grand opening at 129 E. 13800 South with a ribbon cutting and food and services from several fellow local businesses, including Salsa Queen, Lunchbox Waxing Salon, Even Stevens, and Mamachari Kombucha.

Around Town

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What Are We Going to Do About the Art Collection?

All of the art was just in boxes or cupboards, simply put away and almost completely forgotten. Ichabod Crane, Spring Fancies, Beethoven’s Fifth, simply stowed away and abandoned as a generation of Draperites passed away or moved on. With the relocation of the elementary school from the old Draper Park School to the new Draper location off Fort Street, the…

Draper’s David Tolk

For more information regarding David’s music and concert schedule, go to DavidTolk.com. As a young man, composer and pianist, David Tolk, had rock star dreams. Posters of 80’s big-hair bands decorated the bedroom walls of his suburban New Jersey home, and he jammed with friends in a band. Later, after serving an LDS mission in Wisconsin, he longed to be…

Artisan Pottery at Windsong Studio

Dana works in her Windsong 
Studio full time, and she has 
a pottery sale there twice a year. 
The next one is in April 28-30, 2016. For more information, head to
or DraperLifestyle.com. On a crisp, frosty morning last autumn, I parked under a tree on Relation Street. I walked past a yellow, turn of the last century house. It…

The Porsche 911

For some, driving is a simply a way to get from point A to point B. For them, any car will do. For others, driving is a burning desire—ambition, adventure, compulsion to achieve, a metaphor for life itself. That’s you. And this is your car. Those three numerals: 9-1-1… You can’t help but feel the urgency. And that’s before you…

Draper Arts Council

Connect with Draper Arts 
Council on Facebook at 
Facebook.com/DraperArts, or visit their website DraperArtsCouncil.org for tickets and performance details. Draper has a vibrant history of arts. Did you know we have our very own Draper Arts Council? The Arts Council is comprised of Draper residents with various theater and musical backgrounds who focus on promoting and supporting the arts in…

The Art of Acquiring Art

You can’t spell painting without “pain.” This is something I learned at a silent auction several years back. While attending an outdoor literary festival, I stumbled upon a booth featuring one of my favorite local artists. Local for me, I should say, because I’m sure his colorful, whimsical paintings sell across the nation. He just happens to share my area…