Things aren’t 
what they seem. 
And, a basket.

Mark Thackeray captures the bold "before" of the old Park School, and future home of The Dream Factory. Years ago, during the “chicken boom” (can we call it that?), when everyone was getting chickens and adorable coops were all over Pinterest, I wanted chickens too—and could think of nothing more lovely that heading out each morning in soft light and…

Chasing Cupid 5K

The third annual Chasing Cupid 5K was held February 13 at Gardner Village. Racers were encouraged to catch cupid 
and his entourage, and especially lucky racers were "struck" with an arrow, which won them a prize. 
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Draper Lifestyle Giveaway Winners

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DAC Presents The Music Man

The Music Man, the six-time Tony Award winning musical by Meredith Willson, marched into Corner Canyon High School 
Auditorium February 26 to March 5. For more information on Draper Arts Council and upcoming shows, 

Around Town

Miss Draper 2015, Brynn Garfield, is collecting shoes through the Power 2 Become humanitarian organization, in conjunction with the Miss Utah organization. Power 2 Become works to provide relief to the people of Burkina Faso, Africa. All Miss Utah contestants are asked to collect at least 1,000 pairs of shoes to help with this mission. The donated shoes are used…

A New Draper Gathering Place

The Godfrey’s are big dreamers and soon, one of those big dreams is going to become a reality. The historic Draper Park School, a landmark situated on Pioneer Road between Fort Street and 900 East, and once a gathering place for the Draper community, will be reborn as the Dream Factory at Draper Park. Under the visionary direction of new…

A one-stop shop for beauty and health

As a lifelong oil painter, Kelly Lance paints portraits that capture her subject’s natural beauty. So it was no surprise that she brought that artistic perspective to her work as well. Lance is the owner of La Belle Vie Medical Care and Aesthetics practice in Draper that offers a unique, personalized approach to beauty and healthcare. “My philosophy is that…

A Red Barn Full of Books

Roller skates and a red barn have proven to be the perfect ingredients for an ingenuous new business venture in the Salt Lake valley. Brooke Burgee and Ben Bowen are co-owners of Red Barn Collections, a business that saves old books and gives them new life as unique and charming journals. The nascent business was founded by Brooke Burgee and…

Brightening Up 123rd South

“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. Here in town, it translates to a free flower…if your name happens to appear on the Draper FlowerPros’ sign out front. “It is a fun, positive thing we do,” says co-owner James Belcher, about his shop on 123rd South which advertises “Free Flower if Your Name is Matt”... or Sue... or Ann... or Jack.…

Environmentally Friendly Landfills

Landfills have not always had an environmentally sensitive reputation. Fifteen years ago Subtitle D helped change that, requiring all landfills to install a bottom-lining to avoid ground water contamination, as well as install gas collection services to capture the gases created from the waste. As green waste breaks down in an oxygen-free environment it produces methane, a greenhouse gas with…

Top Four Steps to Secure Your Financial Future

In our 25 years of helping clients simplify their financial lives and reach their goals, we have found a few common steps that clients take that make them successful. While everyone’s situation is unique, the vast majority of people could benefit from taking these steps.

Backyard Chickens

Our first experience with raising chickens occurred when our eldest son excitedly reported his kindergarten class had just successfully hatched a dozen chicks and his teacher was looking for lucky families who could adopt one. We quickly responded that we could not possibly have a chicken because we lived in a crowded neighborhood. However, after some investigation, we discovered that…