Food Issue[s]

September brings with it Draper Lifestyle's Food Issue, adorned and decorated with lovely--and drool worthy--food photography and ample adjectives about deliciousness. Incidentally, piecing this issue together had me hungry every step of the way.

Throwback to 1976: Draper Elementary’s Beginnings

Draper Elementary is celebrating its 40th birthday this month. For a more detailed article about the move to the new school, head to Tamara Uzelac Hall's take on it, on page 10.

Around Town

Happy Birthday Draper Elementary! In 1974 the growing town of Draper and D. Clayton Fairbourn, President of the Board of Education, saw the need for a larger "open classroom" style elementary school. The Draper Park School was no longer sufficient to house the current student body and ground was broken on a new school in 1975. After a year of…

Breaducation 101: Whole Grains, Simple Ingredients, and a Lot of Love

Freshly milled whole wheat flour. Filtered water. Salt. Fresh yeast. Idaho honey Five pure ingredients is all it takes to create a loaf of bread like you’ve never tried before. And unlike most things that taste this heavenly, Great Harvest’s honey whole wheat bread is packed with whole grains, protein, and fiber, and it contains no processed sugar.

Park City Culinary Institute

For more information about the Park City Culinary Institute, visit Though changing careers is in vogue, spending lots of money and years doing it is certainly not. For those hoping to jump into the restaurant industry, look no further than the Park City Culinary Institute’s eight-week crash course in all things cooking.

Guild Hall’s Picks for Tabletop Beauty

Jacquie Zuro is co-owner at Guild Hall, which is located at Millcreek Place Shopping Center, 3640 Highland Drive in Salt Lake City. Decorative accessories! What's not to love? You can give any room in your home or office a quick and cost effective update by simply switching out your accessories. And like fine furnishings, accessories don't require a long term…

“Tree-t” with Care

Fall is the best time to plant trees. For information on what trees work well in Draper, including South Mountain, see the Tree Guide at Take a tree-spotting ride with Margaret Bird, a member of the Draper Tree Commission, and she’ll point out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Huntington Learning Center

High school students from all over northern Utah, including places like Bingham, Alta, Morgan, Lone Peak, Park City, Spanish Fork, and even parts of Wyoming, come to the Huntington Learning Center in Draper year round for the excellent ACT exam prep they offer. It may seem extreme to make a daily trek from Morgan, a town that is an hour…

Police Work Done Nose Down

Sook! Sook! Sook! That’s all one-year-old Sable needs to hear from Draper Police Officer Josh Thaller before she is off, nose in the air, on her search. This energetic German shepherd—who understands sook (spelled such) is German for “search”—urgently sniffs around the room. Within five seconds, she’s pinpointed an airtight bag of marijuana hidden inside a drawer. She sits, indicating…

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

One of my favorite commercials is set to the Christmas song, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year", but the commercial runs in August and it shows kids shopping for school supplies with their mom. It gets an A+ in my book for being clever.