December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

Sometimes, inadvertently, I pride myself on being busy. To wit, I hate being busy, but all the same I seem to cultivate the lifestyle of busy-ness for myself, and then talk about it ad infinitum: how I have no time. Time just is, right? Still I seem to make it something in my mind, giving it clearance to rule my…

Piper & Scoot Grand Opening

The owners of Piper & Scoot feel lucky to have bought the historic building at 892 E. 12300 South, to restore and 
repurpose it to become the home to their first retail location. This fall, they hosted the Draper community with a grand 
opening celebration. Photos by Jordy B Photography

December 2016 Around Town

Every fall, Anne Mallory looks at the students in her ceramics and sculpture classes at Alta High and tells them one heartbreaking fact: Of the eight people sitting at your table, two came to school hungry today.

Local Gift Guide

New to the neighborhood, Piper & Scoot offers women's contemporary clothes that sing to your inner style and confidence. The girl on you list, whatever her age, wants this in her stocking. 892 E 12300 South

Best books to give

Gift giving can be difficult. But a perfect remedy could be BOOKS. Here are some beautiful, wonderful books that all ages can enjoy unless otherwise indicated. “Pop-Up” books are extraordinary books that contain surprises, information and joy. By opening these remarkable books you get to enjoy a three dimensional experience and feel as though you are in-between the book. Two…

Instant Holiday Polish

Looking for more personalized style options to get you party ready? Or creative ways to breathe new life into your existing wardrobe?

It’s All About the Tree

For me and Clark Griswold, the kick-off to Christmas is puttin’ up the pine. Big, small, fake fir or real – doesn’t matter. This quiet custom gives us permission to proceed with the magical month of December. And no one is left out. Rich or poor. Young and old. Those who pledge allegiance to the real thing or people who…

Lifetime Fan of the Ho Ho Man

There’s always room for Santa Claus at Caralee Skinner’s home. He’ll just have to squeeze in with 500 others. Space is at a premium in Skinner’s Santa room, filled floor to ceiling with Santas of all shapes and sizes. With the eye of a museum curator, Skinner displays her Santas with great care so that each gets a bit of…

A Party for a Cause

There is a refugee crisis in the world today. It is almost overwhelming, but as a citizen in our small community of Draper, it can feel like a daunting task to be able to help in tangible way. In the past year, the LDS church has specifically asked its members to find ways of helping. Linda Burton implored members to,…