Farm-to-Table, Year to Year

If I can claim any capacity for gardening—and I’m not sure that I truthfully can—know that my thumb is such the lightest tinge of green that it’s practically yellow. But I test it every spring with the hope of an abundant harvest. Or a meager harvest. Or just a little sumthin-sumthin to eat.


Students from Utah COPA traveled to New York City to participate in Manhattan Concert Productions 25th Anniversary staging of "Crazy For You" at Lincoln Center, directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman. COPA is located at the Old School, 12441 S 900 East and offers classes in singing and dance. Company audtions May 20.

April 2017 Around Town

Draper City is building a new splash park across the street from Smith Fields Park. Smith Fields Park is located at 13400 S 200 East near the skate park. The splash park will be located directly across the street, south of the park. Construction was slated to begin in March, with the hopes of being finished in time for residents…

Draper Lifestyle’s Transformation Challenge

Angie Carr is a 35-year-old sonographer originally from Evanston, Wyoming. She has three amazing kids and one great husband. Her family loves the outdoors and enjoys living in Utah because of all the easy access to a variety of outdoor adventures. Their favorite family activities include camping, hiking, biking, and snowboarding.

A Safe Crossing

Every day, and especially every holiday, Sandy Smith misses her nine grandchildren. Luckily, she has a few hundred kids at Channing Hall who make great substitutes. “They’re all my grandkids,” says the crossing guard of 6½ years. Chatting with her young charges makes her day, and she loves the thank-you’s she receives as she safely escorts them across the street.

Recognizing A+ Teachers

Before Michele Weeks joined the Draper City Council in January 2016, she knew that recognizing Utah’s teachers was a priority in her mind. So, just two months into her council position, she took it upon herself to solicit donations for and coordinate the first annual Teacher Appreciation Night at the Aquarium.

Draper Communities that Care Coalition

Navigating the teen years has never been easy. Bad influences, long sprung from the confines of locker rooms and late-night parties loom large and accessible on the ubiquitous mobile device found in every teen’s hand. Bullying, substance abuse, depression and school apathy are far more prescient today thanks to cyber peer pressure.

Parenting on the Autsim Road

Parenting a child on the autistic spectrum is not an easy road, but it’s not as hard as one might think. There are bumps and rough spots, but sometimes the road is smooth and one meets many travel companions along the way. Each person’s road is different.

Urban Farm & Feed

There aren’t many things that taste better than a vine-ripe tomato just picked, or the crunch of a carrot pulled from the ground, or the crispness of that first bite into an apple that just fell from the tree. Unfortunately, when you live in the city, finding this kind of freshness isn’t always the easiest. Urban Farm & Feed to…