The Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees is a magical way to kick-off the 2017 Christmas Season. It is held November 29 through December 2 at the South Towne Expo Center. The 47th annual Festival of Trees will either begin or continue a holiday tradition that guarantees to entertain you, meet your shopping needs, satisfy a sweet tooth, touch your heart, and offer a…

Letting In The Light

As I write this--months before anyone will ever read it--the world is in tumult. I listen to the radio on, all the news and all the opinions and none of it good, and the wind outside, riffling leaves off the trees like yellow birds taking flight, and the newly bare branches scrape my kitchen window. 

December 2017 Around Town

It's time once again for the Miss Draper, for ages 17-24, and Miss Draper Outstanding Teen, for ages 13-16, pageant. Here's everything you need to know.

The Sandy City Hale Centre Theatre Gold Gala

A Gold Gala to welcome Hale Centre Theatre to the Sandy community. The evening included Forever Plaid in the Jewel Box theater and a sneak peak tour of the theatre-in-the-round. Attendees included HCT's Mark and Sally Dietlein, Sterling Nielson of Mountain America, Scott Bond, Mayor Dolan and Chris McCandless.

To Go Home

Tiptoeing out of the extra bedroom where my boys were asleep, I quietly closed the door. As it clicked shut I heard the last chime of the grandfather clock. Eleven. I sighed and traced my hand along the wall then turned down the darkened hallway of my childhood home.

Lighting the Way

Shortly before Marion Norton’s 15-year-old son, Spencer, took his life, she recalled going into his room on two separate occasions to find his chair turned and his shutters opened. She asked Spencer if he had had difficulty sleeping. He told her he opened the shutters in the middle of the night because he needed to let the light in.

Make A Wish

We didn't know what to expect, even though it was the birth of our third baby. We were hoping to hear her cry when she was born, but were bracing ourselves in case she didn't.

Holiday Gift Guide

If you know someone who couldn't put down The Da Vinci Code, make sure you snatch this book to give to them on Christmas. This new release by Dan Brown will keep any reader glued to the page.

Holiday Gift Guide: White Elephant Edition

For the Cheesiest: Say Cheese Slicer2. For the Budding Paleontologist Basketball Player: Tricera-Tops3. For Dad-Bod Dad: Sandal Socks4. For Hangry Mom: Cookie Safe5. For the Fashionista: Dog Purse6. For the Dreamer: Inflatable Unicorn Horn7. For the One Who Needs an RX for a Chill Pill: Bochox8. For the Vegetarian: Carrot Body Pillow9. For the Eternal Teenage Boy: Pizza Bedding

A Massive Musical Undertaking

Sherri Jensen is convinced that mastering a musical instrument is key to establishing a person’s lifelong self-confidence and success. Jensen’s own passion for music led her to form the Draper Philharmonic & Choral Society (DPACS) and the Vezzoso School of Music. 

Holiday S.O.S.

We all know there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ holiday season, but too often that’s where we put our focus and energy. And why shouldn’t we? That’s the message that resonates in the commercials, TV shows, and movies that influence us from October through December. Below are three fairly simple tips to not only survive, but thrive, this month. Happy Holidays!