"This slaw is a great way to use raw brussel sprouts. It is wonderful as a side salad and holds well for potlucks. You can also serve meat on top for a filling dish," Casey Easton, Food Lab. 

Modern Home Gadgets

“There’s no place like home,” and, there’s really no place like home when it comes to 2017 technology. With the modernization of technology and automation of homes, who wants to leave? We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest modern “home” gadgets you won’t know what you ever did without.


We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we have to overcome challenges. This alone is reason enough to exercise. Forget about the crop tops and short shorts. Most of us have moved past the “bikini as my goal” motivation, thank goodness. By all means, rock it if you got it, but also, show off that incredible resting heart…

Taking Care

I've always thought that New Year's resolutions are such a connundrum deep in a snowy winter. Cold January makes me want to hibernate and bury deeper under cover of fuzzy blanket and forced heat and not emerge until April... But the iconic thing persists despite my sleepiness and I find myself among the throngs of those who hit the gym harder, make the…

Draper Lifestyle Mustache Games

Draper Lifestyle hosted a Mustache Games event. Held and J. Cutler Law offices and catered by San Diablo Churros, the event was a fun filled night in honor of Movember. 

VETERAN’S DAY ASSEMBLY at American Preparatory Academy

On November 8, 2017, American Preparatory Academy honored veterans with a Veteran's Day Assembly and reception. Students were encouraged to invite those they know who have served our country. 

January 2018 Around Town

Local Sofia Osthed is fundraising to build a mountain biking and hiking trail in honor of Lexie Fenton and Ethan Fraga, both of whom passed away in a car accident last year. Sofia's best friend was Lexie, and together, along with Lexie's twin sister Lauren, they loved to mountain bike together on the Corner Canyon Mountain Biking Team. Sofia hopes that the creation of…

New Year, New Ways to Exercise

When Shayla Streiff moved from Las Vegas to Utah three and half years ago, she had to live in Draper.  Nowhere else would do.

Pilates Revolution Success Stories

Throughout Draper and across the country, Pilates has become an increasingly popular form of exercise. While some claim that Pilates has helped them recover from injuries, others use it for general physical fitness to improve balance, posture, and stamina. The studio Pilates Revolution has been providing a wide variety of fitness classes to Draper residents. Here, three people share their…

Busy Lives, Calm Minds

Corner Canyon High School senior Beck Seamons knows what it is like to be an overscheduled teen. On top of school work, he’s one of the captains of the Corner Canyon mountain bike team, plays piano at The Roof Restaurant downtown, is on the Draper Mayor’s Youth Council and performs with an English handbell quartet.

Diet by Color

In the plant world, color and hue rule in terms of disease-fighting capability. Each color represents different benefits and the deeper the color, the more benefit there is.