Making it Happen

This issue is full of people who create 
positive changes in our community: 

Making A Plan for Peace of Mind

Although difficult to consider, estate planning is really all about taking care of families should the most feared and difficult situations occur. With a properly drafted will, trust, power of attorney and health care directive, this is possible! And with help from J. Cutler Law, easier than you think. These local families attest to the peace of mind found in…

Getting to Know Draper’s City Council and Mayor

As of January eighth, the city council has two new faces with a familiar face returning to the mayor’s office. Three of the five council seats are held by women for the first time in the city’s history.

Common Courtesy in Corner Canyon

As Corner Canyon grows, both in popularity and trail mileage, it attracts more hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, and equestrians who, for the most part, share the trails in a harmonious fashion. But, sometimes not.

Continuous Care At Alta View Hospital

On the heels of the new Intermountain Alta View Clinic opening in December, the current renovation of Alta View Hospital will create a one stop shop for the community’s health care needs when it’s complete near the end of 2018.

Five popular diet plans reviewed: The good, the bad, and the ugly

It’s the new year, and advertisements and buzz for diet plans abound. But too often the focus is on quick results and not a longer-term approach to healthier living. From miracle diets to fat burning pills, we’re bombarded with lots of ways to lose weight.

Draper Historical Commission

Draper’s historical buildings are being given new life as renovated homes, businesses, and venues.  Their continued presence in the community is due in large part to the collaboration between community members, the Draper City Council and Mayor, and the Draper Historic Preservation Commission.    

February 2018 Parting Thoughts

I think it was Socrates who said, “The road to crafting hell is paved with good intentions.” If that’s the case, I'm well on my way. Not to brag, but my crafting skills are often compared to those of an attention-deficit chimpanzee. That’s a compliment, right? Because chimps are cool.

Upcycling artist makes beautiful creations with purpose

 Renee’ Borns is driven to create.  “My dad has always said that my mom and I have to keep our hands busy,” Borns says. This seemingly inherent quality runs throughout the family tree. Her two grandmothers (now deceased) and her aunt also had/have a compulsion to express themselves tactilely. Not one of them could sit still without working on a…