Five ways you can show the clutter in your life who’s really in charge.

International Escape: Paris

What is more amazing than a trip to Paris in the springtime? Paris is generally recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful cities; however, as giddy tulips and daffodils burst forth, laughing off winter’s grime and gloom, everything takes on a fresh and new feel. The excitement and energy of spring in Paris is palpable.

Stay Where Magic Happens

Walt Disney World. It's the most magical place on earth...complete with hugs from Mickey Mouse, a wink from Minnie, a big ole grin from Goofy, and a warm greeting from all of the other fabulous characters we've come to know and love. That constant buzz from the Disney theme parks and the nonstop hustle from hotel to monorail to fast pass lane to…

Spring is in the air–and with it? Change.

It's arguable that we didn't get much of a winter, but the coming spring brings with it even more than sunshine and spots of green. 

Draper Philharmonic Christmas Concert 2017

DPACS held its annual Christmas Concert and is looking forward to its upcoming production of Rob Gardner's "Lamb of God," March 22-24 at Draper Park Middle School. 

Before the Crown

Draper city thrives because of the people that put forth the extra effort in to making it a great place to live and work. We come together as a community to enhance this wonderful place. Sometimes, community efforts are obvious and can be seen in plain sight. Others, however, are less noticeable and more behind the scenes. There is a…

For The Love of Churros

 Can churros change the world?  Scott Porter thinks so. The Draper resident, world traveler and entrepreneur, has brought his love of Mexican cuisine and his desire for positive change to town with the opening of San Diablo Artisan Churros catering and kiosk inside the new Honey Bee Produce Company.  While living in Mexico City for an internship, Porter came to…

March 2018 Hometown Hero

 Do you know this man? This is William Draper Jr.  In the year 1850, William Draper, Jr., a Mormon pioneer, merchant and farmer, established his family in the farthest southeast quadrant of the Salt Lake Valley. In later years the citizens chose to name their settlement “Draper” after William who was their religious and civic leader.  As a group of…

Prom Ready

Flowers are the ultimate finishing touch on any prom look, and Draper Flower Pros can help you customize yours and make it personal. Trends range from wildly popular succulents to colorful flowers, each adorned with unique trim details that make the arrangement pop-- including funky feathers! Add to these looks with rustic or rich touches, like twine or satin ribbon, and with colors that match…

Community Connection

Congratulations!  You survived the last city election cycle, and turned in your ballot last November.  Kudo’s to you!  You’re done right?!  Um.  Not quite.  You’ve elected city leaders, which is great, but those city leaders can only represent you if you respectfully stay involved in the decision making process.