Room to Grow

Perfect for those who don’t necessarily consider themselves “gardening-inclined,” but also like to keep live decorations in various parts of the home, succulent plants are generally low-maintenance and come in an array of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Grow them in unique containers—from coffee tins to books or shoes—for eco-themed decor you actually have to put in some effort to…

Eco Chic

Spring has finally sprung! As the last dredges of winter make their way out, and we can finally begin to stop and smell the roses, it’s also a good time to remind ourselves to take the time to appreciate our beautiful planet.

April 2018 Around Town

Draper City’s sixth annual Arts & Crafts Festival returns on May 12 and is seeking artists, artisans, and food vendors to participate. Items offered for sale or display must be handmade.

‘Water is Life’

Ryan Summerhays, owner of Summerhays Landscaping, believes water is one of the most precious commodities people have.

A Tale of Two Starters

Hollis S. Hunt takes his sourdough pancakes seriously. And it begins with his starter, which is still going strong after 129 years.

Utah Facial Plastics

A common threat of living in mountainous regions is skin cancer. Reconstructing facial changes following removal of skin cancers can be challenging, but it's a service that Utah Facial Plastics physicians specialize in and greatly enjoy helping patients get back to feeling confident and whole again.

Something and Somewhere to Remember

Chef Marco Silva is inspired by the many countries in which he's lived, worked or visited. Those global infusions of different cooking styles and presentations have spurred him into opening his own restaurant, The Charleston Draper, 1229 E. Pioneer Road.

Honda Clarity

With Honda's mission of having two-thirds of the company's vehicles to be electrified by the year 2030, the new Clarity hybrid series certainly thrusts the auto dealer forward toward that goal.  

Lighting the Way

Hospitals, in general, are intricate buildings to design and execute. Renovating a 36-year-old hospital while deliberately incorporating environmentally friendly aspects is a taller task. But that's what the leaders of Intermountain Alta View Hospital set out to do with their tower and buildings at 9660 S. 1300 E. in Sandy.